we believe that as we honor God together as a covenant people with our tithes and offerings each member will be richly blessed according to their obedience in every area of their life.

SERVICES During the service, you can use the envelope to give a check or cash.  Please include your contact information so we can thank you for your generosity.

ONLINE Give by debit, credit or setup recurring giving.

SMARTPHONE Download the SecureGive app, make In Focus Church your home organization then give by debit, credit, or set up recurring giving.

KIOSK You can swipe your own debit or credit card at one of our giving kiosks located in the foyers.  

TEXT TO GIVE To donate, text the keyword (e.g. tithe/give), a space, and amount to (844) 293-4483.  If the keyword is Give and you would like to donate $20, you would text “Give 20". The system will then prompt you for your next step.